Raffaello Rose

Raffaello Rose

Raffaello Rose is a new limited edition of Raffaello: Raffaello Classic meets the unexpected taste of rose creating a new delicate experience.

Raffaello Rose 2

For you and your special ones

150 g 15 pieces

Raffaello Rose Bag

Elegantly presented as a perfect gift

230 g 23 pieces

A new delicate flavour

A new delicate flavour

The Raffaello crunchy white almond is enveloped in a velvety and rose scented filling, all encased in a crispy wafer shell covered by a white coating and delicate coconut flakes.

Care and Storage

In order to preserve its delicate coconut fragrance, store your Raffaello far from strong smelling products - such as cheese, perfumes and spices - as they may affect the taste of the product.

Avoid excessive changes in temperature during the transportation and storage of Raffaello. Prolonged exposure to temperatures above 28°C may damage the structure and taste experience.

We recommend storing Raffaello in a cool, dry place (18°-22°C) but it can also be enjoyed during the summer, up to a maximum temperature of 28°C.
Temperatures below 16°C do not affect the quality of the product, but may diminish the perception of taste and fragrance of the ingredients.

Please store Raffaello away from heat sources (ovens, toasters, grills, refrigerators, hot air, radiators) and away from direct sunlight (windows - halogen spotlights). Depending on the amount of exposure, the product quality may be affected.

It is advisable to avoid exposing Raffaello to humidity exceeding 60% which could alter the appearance and the taste of the product.