Our quality ingredients

Fragrant, white coconut

Fragrant, white coconut

Our coconut is sourced with care to ensure it meets our standards, like purity of colour and moisture levels. The coconut used in Raffaello specialities is naturally white, meaning it does not undergo any whitening process. We source more than 90% of our coconuts from the Philippines, where climate and soil create the ideal conditions for coconut growth. The result is a high quality and tasty ingredient.

As we seek to source the highest quality ingredients, we also strive to foster a sustainable and traceable supply chain.

Through Ferrero, we are dedicated members of the Sustainable Coconut Partnership to contribute to responsible coconut production.

Sustainable Coconut Partner

Ferrero is an active member of the Sustainable Coconut
Partnership and signee of the Sustainable Coconut Charter. The Sustainable
Coconut Partnership brings together industry stakeholders actively involved
in coconut supply chains to collaboratively find solutions in order to establish
cost-effective sustainable coconut value chains and support farmer livelihoods.

Whole, smooth almonds

We source whole almonds from California, home of 80% of global almond cultivation, in two similar varieties called Padre and Butte. Our almonds boast a subtle, light taste and are blanched to achieve a smooth texture. We work closely with our suppliers to build expertise and consistent quality over time.

Whole, smooth almonds

Did you know?

The whole almond at the heart of each Raffaello must conform to a specific size, crunch and flavour to guarantee constant quality in each speciality.
Ferrero sources coconut only from suppliers who do not use preservatives.

Sourced with approved suppliers

We evaluate our suppliers against Ferrero’s Supplier Code. This Code allows us to engage our suppliers and ensures a supply chain that is just, fair and transparent. Our suppliers undergo a strict due diligence process to assess and verify performance across three pillars: human rights and social practices, environmental protection and sustainability, and supplier transparency.

Our supplier assessments assure the quality of ingredients we source and support the traceability of our supply chain.

Sourced with approved suppliers
At Ferrero, we are on a journey of continuous engagement and improvements with our suppliers. These relationships are very important to us. We’ve worked with some of our almond suppliers for more than 15 years.
Tiziano Altare, Almond Buyer