The Raffaello Experience

Join us in discovering the extended Raffaello Experience.

Discover the extended Raffaello Experience

Behind Raffaello lies Ferrero expertise in creating works of excellence, and our care for quality and ingredients. The Raffaello creations are all unique experiences that combine an inimitable multitextured structure with our signature ingredients: fragrant coconut flakes and crunchy almonds.

From the delightful Raffaello speciality and its limited editions, to the delicious Raffaello Chocolate Bars and the refreshing Raffaello Ice-Cream, Raffaello is the iconic taste for a light-hearted moment of pure pleasure.

Our Commitment on Quality


With Raffaello, caring for quality is at the heart of everything we do.

We have a meticulous approach to quality control that strives to ensure

the delicious creaminess, crispiness and fragrance of each of our products.

Our commitment is excellence and quality at every step.


A moment of Pure Pleasure

A precious heart of white crunchy almond enveloped by a velvety cream filling and scattered with delicate coconut flakes

Chocolate bars teaser ver.2

A surprising pleasure from Raffaello: almond sprinkle and coconut flakes, soft filling in fine chocolate. All to be discovered in The Raffaello Bars. The pleasure of surprising.

Ice cream

Raffaello meets ice cream and becomes Raffaello Ice Cream... for a surprising pleasure.